Welcome to the Fluxions web page. It is pretty much in full development. I hope to post weekly or even daily news about its progress. If you'd like to see screenshots, please e-mail me at microwerx@yahoo.com.

What is it?

Fluxions is a full-featured 3D Engine using OpenGL and is designed to work under Windows and Linux. It will feature an advanced scenegraph, a toolkit for using GLUT, SDL, and FLTK, and is designed for building 3D games. A proof of concept for the engine is the upcoming game Outpost Wars from M Factor Games and is being concurrently developed at this time.

What license does it use?

Fluxions is being released under the GNU General Public License meaning that it cannot be used in commercial software. I am more than happy to license Fluxions for commercial use for a fee (please e-mail me for more details).

How do I contact you, ask for features, etc?

You may contact me via e-mail at microwerx@yahoo.com. I am more than happy to answer questions, receive comments, feature requests and more.